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Resalest Educational Center

Message from the Vice President

Peter J. Rea,

BA History 1982, Duke University
Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Welcome to Resalest! Our high school is a loving community where the ideal meets the real. Our students heal from the wounds of a hard world. They leave Resalest transformed into self confident, kind, knowledgeable, patient, respectful, creative, personable and happy young people. We have excellent success in having our fourth year students accepted at prestigious colleges and universities both in the Philippines and around the world.

Our school combines the virtues of the Philippines and America to produce global citizens. Our secret is that we really do care about our students and are constantly innovating to make our school better and better. Through prayer and studying the ideas of many prominent educators we keep moving forward in the fascinating field of helping teenagers develop during a challenging time of life.

Sports, art, music, dance, drama, humor, creative writing, reading incredible books, photography and religion all are used to help us mold our amazing young men and women into the best they can be. It’s a life time commitment. We establish life long relationships with our students and are delighted whenever alumni return to visit.

We love having students of any nationality or religion. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, all are welcome! We believe that all human beings are God’s children and every religion should be respected. We are a Catholic Christian school and have daily prayers and First Friday Masses but non-Catholics are not required to attend. The nationalities of former students include Filipino, Chinese, Korean, American, Japanese, Palestinian, Taiwanese, French, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, Muslim Filipino and Indonesian.  We are active in helping the poor by promoting literacy by distributing entertaining and informative books in Tagalog and English.

God’s blessings come every day at Resalest where the incredible is expected. Call, come, visit!

Telephone 705-1842. Resalest is located at 12-A Allenby Street in Barangay Maytunas in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.

If you are driving on Wilson Street in the direction away from Ortigas, you pass P. Guevarra Street.  Allenby St. is the third street from P. Guevarra where you turn left. We are the second house on the right!

Best wishes, hope to see you and God Bless!


Peter J. Rea