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Resalest Educational Center

Resalest History


On September 20, 1972 President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in the Philippines.  Classes were suspended on all level nationwide for an extended period of time.  Then Rose Garcia was a popular elementary school teacher at Ateneo.  Parents who were fed up with their children being idle encouraged Rose to start a tutorial school.  She did and Resalest Educational Center was born.

Rose was an effective tutor and Resalest became popular.  The school started out  in an apartment on F. Santos Street, San Juan near Aurora Boulevard.  In 1984, Rose’s younger sister Alice joined her and the two sisters worked together.  In 1985 the school moved to an apartment on nearby 4th Street, New Manila, Quezon City and in 1987 to a townhouse on Madison Street, a stone’s throw from Mount Carmel Shrine.

In 1989 Resalest became a regular high school, working with students who had difficulty in larger schools.  Rose’s life was tragically cut short by cancer in 1991.  That same year Alice married an American teacher named Peter Rea and the couple have worked together running Resalest ever since.

In 1995 the school moved to house in the heart of the restaurant district on Wilson Street, San Juan.  In 2002 they transferred to a beautiful building on nearby Allenby Street, a few blocks west of the restaurant area and just off Wilson Street.

Resalest is a small co-ed high school with less than 50 students in the whole school.  There is little sense of institution.  The feelings that of being part of a family. Students feel safe, accepted and at home.  They are part of a supportive community.

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  1. I was also a student of Resalest use to be called RESALEST TUTORIAL CENTER in 4th st . As i remember it was Ms. Garcia who was managing the center. And her 2 sister. I was studying at St. Joseph’s college in E. Rodiriguez that time. Then after school i go to Resales. Actually its me and my brother who went to Resalest. I don’t know if Alice will still remember me and my brother. My name is Maria Cristina Malabag and my brother is Antonio Luis Malabag. I miss the Gacia sisters they’re very good teachers and very caring people. Im happy that Resalest become a school now and helping more kids to learn.

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