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Resalest Memories 49: KRISTINE FLORENDO

Resalest Memories 49:  KRISTINE FLORENDO, 1991 – 1993.  Kris studied at Resalest for two school years, her Third and Four Year high school years, and graduated in 1993.  She was strong spirited, intelligent, beautiful, kind hearted and well liked.  I heard that she had participated in beauty contests in the years after she left Resalest and, apparently, did well in those.  I wasn’t surprised because she was a real beauty.  Filipino women, aka Filipinas, are well known for their beauty.  I think it’s connected to the blend of races in the people:  Malay, Spanish, Chinese, American and others along with the spirituality of Filipinos which makes them attractive.   Kris Florendo wasn’t just a pretty face, though.  I recall her as smart and a hard worker, a student who applied herself, understood those tough literature books we read and was able to explain quotes.  She was an overall good person and I’m sure she’s done well in life.  God bless Kristine Florendo!  Resalest ’93 Rules!

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