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Resalest Educational Center

Why Choose Resalest?

The great thing about Resalest is the spirit, the sense of community.  Students get special care, the care they deserve.  The school song goes like this:  We are a family.  Of Resalest School.  We are a family.  Of Resalest School.  We come from other schools. We love Resalest.  We get our work done.  We also have fun.  We believe in kindness and helping other people.  We accept each other and give encouragement.  We are a family.  We love Resalest.  RESALEST!   WE’RE THE BEST!

Resalest, the best of the Philippines and the best of America.  Where students who were stuck move forward with their lives.  Where young people who lost hope, gain hope.  Where teenagers learn to believe in themselves.  Where students enjoy school.  Where they wake up in the morning and are eager to go to school.

From Troubled to Terrific!

New students generally arrive with a history of academic failure.  They have low self-esteem.  They dislike school.  They don’t think they can succeed in school.  They wonder if they can graduate from high school.  Some have been out of school for an extended period.  Other problems may include idleness, depression, conflict with parents, broken family, a deceased parent, etc.

 “I would tell the whole world that this is the best school ever.” – Martin Javellana

How does Resalest work with these troubled young people?

The school combines tradition and innovation, aiming for the golden middle path of not being too strict and not too lenient.  Academic standards are reasonable and the youth find they can succeed.  Effort is rewarded.  The school day is relatively short, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and homework is limited.

Students have free time for interests, hobbies, sports and friendships. They are not frustrated because the school does not take up all of their time.  They can participate In family activities.  They have time for their families and friends.

Students enjoy Resalest because there is an effort to make learning fun.  Lecture time is limited.  Students interact while reviewing material.  They are more active than passive.

A goal of the school is to develop a love of learning.  Resalest aims for the well rounded development of young people.  Academics are important but they’re not everything here.  The school strives to help young people develop self-confidence, self  esteem, oral communication, creativity, initiative, leadership, sense of humor, physical fitness and compassion.  These attributes prepare them well for the rest of their lives.

How is self-esteem raised?

Physical play and physical development are important.  Basketball games are played four days a week.  These games are open for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.  Beginners receive special encouragement and one on one attention.  The emphasis is on having fun and developing skills.

It is good, clean, physical outdoor play.  At Resalest beginners can become great basketball players.  This gives them self-confidence, which helps them in other aspects of their lives.

Resalest works hard to fight the lure of alcohol and drugs.  By making the school day more enjoyable, raising students’ self esteem and giving them the opportunity for good, clean fun, students are not attracted to alcohol and drugs.  They become physically fit, believe in themselves and are having fun while learning.  Their risk of alcoholism and drug addiction becomes much lower.

Resalest has a ping pong table and billiard table on the ground floor, which the students enjoy.  The school has a garden with a large pond and a turtle.  The school building is lovely, very large, clean, in a quiet area with many bathrooms and ample parking.  It really is a lovely facility.

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